Benefits of sending car to genuine service center

It is one of those things that some, not all, car owners end up learning the hard way. However, those who know the importance of original equipment and service don’t fall in the trap and try to give what the car originally deserves. We are discussing Mercedes service center in Abu Dhabi and that’s something you should give ample time too. After all, there are several different car care service centers operating in Abu Dhabi these days and most of these are truly great in providing the service. But, being good doesn’t mean original, and licensed. Wait – why is it so important so send your car to the certified service center only when so many better service centers are available in town? The key here is certification which means that the service center has been authorized by the car manufacturer to provide service.

Cutting edge methods

To cut the long story short, your certified car service center knows what it takes to service the car. In doing so, they’ll make sure that the car is properly cared for and every nut and bolt is checked before it is declared as serviced. This will take time so be patient and have it done properly. Don’t haste things up and if possible, leave the car at the service center for a day or two. This will give the mechanics and technicians enough time to explore the car properly. That said, it is also important to note that all aspects of the car be checked for which they’ll run diagnostics. The car will be connected to the diagnostic computer that will bring the complete status of the car. Essentially, a computer operator will see all aspects of the car on the monitor and know what was wrong with it. That’s cutting edge technology that you will only get at a certified service center.

Quality parts

Authorized service centers always use parts supplied by the car maker itself. In other words, you can say that no third party parts make it to the car unless specified by the maker. German cars usually last longer when certified parts are used which is something your service center knows. With that in mind, the car will be equipped with original parts only that are certified/ produced by the company. Suffice to say that these will make your car run longer than usual and the maintenance cycle continues. Make sure to send the car to the best garage in Abu Dhabi.

Worried about the health of your car? Doing this will help

There is no denying the fact that almost every car, or vehicle out there is made to withstand the difficulties of terrain and elements. These cars are designed that way so they are going to survive the worst possible situation anyway but not always. There are things that can harm your car very slowly and if not paid attention, they might as well consume it entirely. Ever wonder why the performance of your car deteriorates over time? It is due to several different reasons and each one is worth noting. Same is the case with the exterior of your car. The fading of color is perhaps the least you would worry about but that’s the mistake you, and many others end up making. Think about it – what will be the case with your car when it loses its original color, or the color is no longer shiny and brand spanking? You need to do something about it else your car will lose its actual worth in the market. Applying car tint in Dubai is certainly the easiest and most useful way of protecting the paint.

Does it work?

Truth to be told, if some technology doesn’t work, or fails at doing what it had originally claimed, you will not see it in the market anymore. That’s the criteria of knowing what is popular and works and what doesn’t. By applying the same criteria, you can judge the effectiveness of car paint films and glass tints too and decide if you will be investing money in buying them or not. The fact is that considering the usefulness and popularity window tints and paint protection films, many different companies are now making these materials and selling them in the market. Interestingly, these materials have shown their effectiveness many times. Tests have been done on these materials and they proved to be surprisingly effective against direct sunlight and keeping harmful rays away from the car. Though one can argue about the percentage of protection these materials end up providing, there is no denying the fact that the effectiveness is there for all to see.

Experience it yourself

To put the claim that the paint protection and tints work, you can test it yourself. Just have the tint applied on the glass first to see whether it works or not. You will likely notice a marked reduction of the heat in the cabin. That’s enough proof that the technology works. After that, it makes sense to opt for window films Dubai and see how effective it can be against the heat.

Average Car Versus Armored Car – Know The Differences

You own a car and love it to the core and not in a mood to sell it anytime soon. But, you also saw a bulletproof car roaming the streets and start having thoughts about it. That’s when things begin to change and you start to think about having armored car. That’s not all, there may be other reasons about thinking to own an armored car as well. For instance, you may be doing some business and want to move the cash from one place to another. That’s normal and moving money in armored cash in transit vehicles is something of a norm here in Dubai. Seeing such vehicles moving here and there makes one feel a sense of security traveling in this type of vehicle. Your armored car is safe and durable so you will not feel any fear while traveling into it. It is equipped with systems that make it one of the safest cars on road. Naturally, with so many features and the level of protection you desired, you may not think twice before buying a car for your needs. Keep in mind that armored cars are more than just protective vehicles. They are designed to provide you the best performance as well so that you don’t end up looking to buy a performance car besides the armored car. That’s like you are willing to buy a helicopter after buying a chartered plane. Both perform similar functions and in the presence of the plane, you shouldn’t feel the need to buy the helicopter. Here is more on why having an armored car has become an absolute necessity today:

Excellent Protection

Protection has become the middle name of vehicles we need today and armored cars are fitting in pretty nicely. There once was the concern of these cars to be too expensive and exorbitantly unaffordable but this is no longer the case. The reason why armored cars are becoming widespread is simple, the more cars are being bought by customers, the cheaper they are becoming. Naturally, when something goes cheap, it becomes popular among customers who then likely buy it in numbers.

However, despite becoming affordable and popular, there is no compromise on the quality of these cars. If you see any lapse in quality, better look for another option. See it here to know why armored cars are becoming so popular by the day in this part of the world.