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Arts and crafts are a very important part in a child’s life and it is through arts that their creative ability is developed yet this part of curriculum is taken for granted by many formal education systems. They have been ignoring the importance of arts and crafts and slowly and gradually it seems to be losing it importance amongst other groups of art such as music, painting, theatre and many others.

Crafting is one of those time in all day which children love to spend hours on creating cute little origami, colouring with crayons, splashing paint on one another or simply designing a birthday card for their loved ones. They will get lost in this activity and wouldn’t even complain about getting bored. Arts and crafts Dubai not only helps in developing artistic abilities of children but it also plays a major role in cognitive, physical, and social development.

Fine motor skills development takes place when children learn to hold pencil starting with crayon and gradually proceeding to paintbrush. When children hold pencils and colour with them they are actually exercising for muscle development. Their speed also increases and so does dexterity. It is with the help of crafting that hand and eye coordination is improved. This is one of those abilities which will play a major role in their primary school where formation of words and spacing in between them is learnt.

It is through art that we get to express ourselves in an artistic way and putting our thoughts on the paper. They experience what it means to create art and when they understand it, they start to learn to appreciate the efforts. It is the meaning that they start to create through their art and learn the story behind it.

When children sit in a group and colour together they learn socializing skills. The humble gesture of sharing and gently asking for one another’s supplies is something which will help them in future. They get to make new friends and strengthen bond with one another.

When children are appreciated for their efforts even with a simple shining star or clapping from their friends, they gain confidence as a sense of achievement engulfs them and then they are motivated to create something new and better.

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