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Kindergarten or Montessori – know the difference

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Preparing to admit your child to a school for the first time is going to be something interesting. You will end up having interesting experiences. Chances are that you will have some interesting experiences during the process. In fact, learning about different preschool methods can be quite intriguing, and you being a parent will surely try to learn from it. So, are you ready to get a first look at kindergarten Abu Dhabi and know as to what it is all about?  You should, and it is a given that you will find knowing all that interesting. The first thing to note is what both systems are all about. Once you have enough information on both systems, it will be easier for you to decide which system will work better for your kid. Here is more on this to continue reading:


It is interesting that despite the popularity of both methods, not many parents know a lot about either. For instance, the Montessori system is primarily a set of instructions on how to educate children whereas kindergarten is a proper method of education. Both systems have their share of strengths and weaknesses, but both are almost equally popular across the world. You will find kindergarten being used in countries where early education is considered important.

It is believed that the kindergarten system is a little strict due to the timeframe structure it uses. The system pays special attention to covering the curriculum within a specified timeframe. Teachers are responsible to complete the curriculum during the timeframe. There is a specified duration reserved for revisions.


Unlike kindergarten, Montessori system has its own way of teaching. This system is considered more natural and easy. There are no timeframes in this system, and teachers are allowed to teach in their own specific styles. A telltale difference between kindergarten and Montessori is that the former devises specific roles for students as well as for teachers, but no such roles are defined in latter.

Apart from that, both systems take a different approach towards child development and both are considered successful. The kindergarten takes a different approach but achieves them accordingly. The Montessori system takes a relaxing approach and allows teachers to let kids develop in their own way. The former uses conventional techniques to teach children whereas the latter uses innovative methods, fun, and entertainment to achieve the same.

So, it is up to you to decide whether Froebel’s kindergarten philosophy works better or would you prefer the Montessori method.